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conveyor belt adjustment

Cause: the position is not adjusted well and the belt speed is too fast or the pressing wheel does not press the material Solutions: The position of machine C shall be placed in the center of the sheet feeder outlet and the pressing wheel shall be close to the side of the sheet feeder, so that the mask comes out with push force. The belt speed shall be adjusted properly and it will rebound if speed is too fast or the mask will be not in place if speed is too slow.

nose bridge line debugging

Cause: 1.Funnel position is not adjusted accurately; 2.The incoming material of nose bridge line is deformed. The guide plate and pressing wheel can not correct it well. Solutions|: 1.The rear part of the bridge funnel shall be close to the cutter as much as possible, and the whole funnel shall be installed slowly and smoothly; 2.Use iron wire to intially guide the bridge line when feeding; 3.Use the bridge line in good condition and avoid bending.

Face mask cutter debugging

Cause 1. The length of the chain is too long. 2. Uneven stress on both ends of the cutter. Solutions: 1. Tension or shorten the transmission chain 2. Adjust the force of pressing roller 3. Add buffer rubber pad at the bottom of the cutter roller, and adjust the downward pressure at both ends to be consistent

cloth moving debugging

Cause: the material rack and the cloth is not fixed that cause the leftward/rightward sway; the width adjustment block is not in the correct position, the nose bridge is not assembled well and ultrasonic is not working or the height is uneven Solutions: 1. The cloth must be fixed and cannot swing left and right, and it must rotate with the shaft instead of the cloth roller; 2. The adjustment track and nut on the material rack cannot be loose after the adjustment and fixed. The whole material rack shall be connected and fixed with the sheet feeder. 3. Loosen the pressing rubber wheel and press slowly ...

mask size adjustment

Cause: fabric tension is not suitable; force of the pressing rubber wheel is not suitable; Material issue Solutions: 1.loosen the pressing rubber wheel , and slowly press both sides at the same time to keep the same strength 2. If the width is over, adjust and increase the tension of the cloth and move the fold forming wheel downward 3. If the length is too long, loosen the rubber wheel to reduce the length 4. The edge warping is related to the pressing degree of mask material, rubber wheel and cutter. The edge warping can be reduced properly by adjusting the pressing wheel and cutter force...

ultrasonic debugging

Cause: screws are not locked. the frequency is not matched. the voltage output is not correct. 1. The ultrasonic control box shall not be connected with the equipment, and must be insulated. If the outer shell of the ultrasonic control box is short circuited with the machine, the ultrasonic transducer will be hot, and the ceramic plate of the transducer will be damaged over time. 2. The ultrasonic flange cannot be connected with the ultrasonic transducer and steel mold. If it is connected, should be caused by the flange gasket is damaged or not installed. It must be repaired before re-use, otherwise the transducer will be damaged by heating. 3. No matter in use or by pressing the verification button, the current value shall not exceed 1A, and the voltage value shall be less than 80V. If the current value exceeds 1A, the lifetime of ultrasonic will be affected and will cause heating. (if more than 1A, may caused by: 3.1. The controller; if the current value is still more than 1A after unplug the transducer, it means that the controller is broken, if less than 1A, the transducer or steel m...

scissor adjustment

Cause 1.Ear loop motor feeding speed is too slow which causes the ear loop pull, if speed is too fast will cause the length of ear loop is too long; 2.The height of the side yellow rubber block is not appropriate; 3.pulling cylinder strokes of two ends are different. Solutions: Try to adjust the open angle of scisso and align the position, if there is no improvement then replace the scissor with a new one or re-assemble the scissor and make it sharpen.

Welding head adjustment

Cause: Position not adjusted right, assembly issue Solutions: Cut off the air passage and adjust whether the welding head extends and contracts smoothly then lock it;according to the mask plate, adjust the welding head position.